Adaptive Insights News Jul 24, 2017

Now Available: Adaptive Insights 2017.2

We’re excited to announce the 2017.2 release is available! This release extends the power of active planning to your entire organization with easy-to-consume analytics, fast and flexible time modeling, and enhancements built into every part of the suite to empower you to better manage your business.

Adaptive Discovery User Experience: Easier, More Powerful, and Faster

Putting the full power to create interactive visualizations and dashboards into your hands, we have dramatically enhanced the Adaptive Discovery user experience so that you can answer your own business questions without professional services help or BI knowledge. Drag and drop charts and planning data onto your workspace and move them around with ease to create dashboards. Share up-to-the-minute information by displaying visualizations or charts in presentation mode from your dashboard, or add them to your documents as .png files for easy distribution and collaboration. Publish dashboards that let business users navigate across time, perform period over period analysis, easily see variances in waterfall charts, and access the model from a chart to incorporate what they’ve learned into the plan.

Flexible Time Modeling: Measure, Model, and View Time How You Define It

Flexible time modeling gives you the power to define time periods and time hierarchies that best model your business. With flexible time modeling, you can plan at a weekly or even daily level. For example, retail companies can model a 4-4-5 calendar, universities can model semesters and breaks, and much more. Add roll-ups, customize your time period labels, and import custom labels by locale—all without re-implementing your model. Importing a calendar requires an additional permission to prevent potential data loss. If you want to explore changing your calendar, please contact support.

Modeling enhancements include more advanced formula expressions to create powerful global formulas whose behavior or results can vary based on a location’s account, time period, dimensions, and attributes. Cube sheet linking gives modelers an easier and faster way to build links in a cube sheet that relate to another sheet and still allow data entry in the cube. Enhancements to modeled sheets let you filter dimension values based on the attribute values you select. This makes tasks such as data entry faster and error-free.

Adaptive OfficeConnect now lets you apply multiple filters to an entire workbook, including the ability to change versions with a single click. Both OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning are now supported in the Adaptive Suite's authentication module for single sign-on.

Reporting includes new “Display As” features with powerful options to define how you display values in a report.

Consolidation now allows for easier and more powerful multi-currency models with weighted-average currency translation and cumulative translation adjustment at all levels on reports.

Integration lets NetSuite customers quickly and easily extract a wide range of data from NetSuite enhanced saved searches with the Adaptive Integration NetSuite Adapter. Integration also now supports importing data from OAuth 2.0 compliant cloud-based systems, such as Google Docs and Dropbox.

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Customer Success Journey Series

You’re invited to our Adaptive Insights Customer Success Journey Series webcasts and learning library. Your Customer Success Journey Series begins with on-demand learning for:

  • Expense Planning Series 1, 2, and 3: Simply and streamline the expense planning process while taking into consideration your specific organizational requirements
  • Workforce Planning Series 1, 2 and 3: Plan people costs and perform individual headcount planning more effectively
  • Capital Planning Series 1, 2 and 3: Establish capital plans linked to GL accounts and capital acquisition driven from planned events

We’ll be adding additional webcasts to the Customer Success Library in the coming months!

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