Adaptive Insights News Aug 17, 2017

The Knowledge Center

Have questions about how features in the Adaptive Suite work or need a technical reference? The Knowledge Center is your one-stop site for product documentation, solutions, frequently asked questions, and more. There's how-to articles, examples, videos, and walkthroughs that can help you on your journey.


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Customer Journey Library

Every company has unique challenges and organizational priorities.  And that means success looks different for every customer.  We believe your Adaptive journey should reflect your unique priorities and vision of success. 

Now available from the Knowledge Center, the Customer Journey Library can help you navigate the ins and outs of the Adaptive Suite. Watch videos and read articles on best practice solutions to help you address the business planning issues you are facing today.

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Revised Formulas Documentation

We’ve published a completely revised set of Formulas documentation with more conceptual information and examples.

Adaptive Discovery

The latest Adaptive Discovery release puts the power of self-service interactive dashboards, visualizations, and charts into your hands to monitor and drive business performance. Learn how to put these capabilities to use in your organization.

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Watch videos to learn how to create interactive dashboards, and more goes with the link below.

Classroom Training

We’re offering the Planning Implementation class and Reporting class in person in El Segundo, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago. They will be offered during the same week at each location so you can take the Planning class for two days, followed by the one-day Reporting class.

Planning Implementation is a two-day class for beginner to intermediate users. You’ll learn how to build a complete model from the ground up in accordance with current best practices.

Reporting is a one-day class for beginner and intermediate users. You will improve your Adaptive Reporting skills and learn how to create a more robust set of reports. The main focus of this class is to learn how to create Matrix reports.

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