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Customer Journey Library

Every company has unique challenges and organizational priorities.  And that means success looks different for every customer.  We believe your Adaptive journey should reflect your unique priorities and vision of success. 

Now available from the Knowledge Center, the Customer Journey Library can help you navigate the ins and outs of the Adaptive Suite. Watch videos and read articles on best practice solutions to help you address the business planning issues you are facing today.

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Now Available: The Adaptive Suite 2017.3

We’re happy to announce the Adaptive Suite 2017.3 release is now available. The 2017.3 release enhances the Adaptive Suite’s flexible time modeling capabilities by enabling you to plan weekly, daily, and monthly at the same time, all within your current instance. We’ve also improved model and report performance, made data entry faster, distinguishing trends easier, and streamlined commands.

Adaptive Suite

Now, with flexible time modeling enhancements, you can plan every facet of your business using the time increments that match your exact business needs, whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly, all within your current model. These enhancements enable you to choose a unique calendar for each sheet without disrupting your model’s integrity. Video

Adaptive Discovery

We’ll be providing a migration tool to Adaptive Discovery Professional customers to help them move their dashboards created prior to 2017.2 to our next generation visual analytics, introduced in the last release. And there are additional enhancements to Adaptive Discovery, including crosstab charts, more settings for gauge charts, and the ability to clone a chart and dashboard, and configure multi-select filters. Video


You can now avoid unnecessary calculations and improve the performance for modeled sheets with many formulas by recalculating modeled and cube sheets on demand. Video

Sub-versions are now available to all Adaptive Suite customers. With sub-versions, you can compare different parts of your actuals to distinguish imported actuals, versus manual adjustments, versus allocations with ease.

Adaptive Consolidation

Constant currency reporting helps you see a more accurate picture of business performance over time when multiple currencies are involved, by removing the effect of fluctuating exchange rates on your business results. While especially useful for Adaptive Consolidation customers, constant currency reporting will be included in all Adaptive Suite instances. Video

Adaptive Integration

NetSuite customers will now have better visibility into their Adaptive Suite data with simplified menus and a larger viewing area. The process for configuring imports gives you more control over how imports are configured both in NetSuite and with any other data sources.

Adaptive Planning

Excel Interface for Planning allows you to perform faster data entry in modeled sheets by filtering based upon dimension attributes. You can now have multiple workbooks open with Excel Interface for Planning to enable faster data entry and analysis.

Adaptive Reporting

Apply attributes in new ways to help you customize matrix reports.


Use the same familiar commands that you already know from Excel as you build reports in Adaptive OfficeConnect. PLEASE NOTE Adaptive OfficeConnect and Excel Interface for Planning now require version 4.7 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Updating the .NET framework requires administrative permissions and possibly a restart of your computer. You may defer the update for up to 30 days and continue working in Adaptive OfficeConnect or Excel Interface for Planning. Please consult with your IT department first.

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Revised Formulas Documentation

We’ve published a completely revised set of Formulas documentation with more conceptual information and examples.

Classroom Training

We’re offering the Planning Implementation class and Reporting class in person in El Segundo, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago. They will be offered during the same week at each location so you can take the Planning class for two days, followed by the one-day Reporting class.

Planning Implementation is a two-day class for beginner to intermediate users. You’ll learn how to build a complete model from the ground up in accordance with current best practices.

Reporting is a one-day class for beginner and intermediate users. You will improve your Adaptive Reporting skills and learn how to create a more robust set of reports. The main focus of this class is to learn how to create Matrix reports.

Adaptive Discovery

Put the power of self-service interactive dashboards, visualizations, and charts to work in your organization.

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