Adaptive Insights News May 23, 2019

Adaptive Insights 2019.1 Release is Now Live!

We’re happy to announce the Adaptive Insights 2019.1 General Availability is now live. The new release includes enhancements to integration and security.  It also includes enhancements to Adaptive Insights for Sales.

Please review the self training material prior to attending one of the scheduled Q&A sessions. The 2019.1 release self-training is available here.

Enjoy using these new features and participating in our training!


It just got easier to keep your planning accounts and attributes in sync with changes in your ERP and other source systems. You can load accounts and attributes in bulk and update their properties at the same time.

With the new Workday adapter, you can import data from Workday Financials and HCM into Adaptive Insights and also drill back into Workday to view the underlying transaction details. The Workday adapter will be available April 12, 2019.

NetSuite Security

Adaptive Insights now supports NetSuite 2018.1 endpoint and the ability to integrate with NetSuite through token-based authentication, which is necessary for supporting NetSuite’s two-factor authentication. NetSuite’s deadline for the update is April 8, 2019. Your action is required and here are the steps you need to take by April 8, 2019.

Adaptive Insights for Sales

Enhanced Multi-Instance Data Sync: For any linked modeled sheet, you can get data from the actuals version in the sales planning instance and sync data to your financial planning instance.

You asked for it

Want to know which browsers or operating systems we support? We got it. Need general support information on Office 365? We got that too. Read our improved Technology Requirements article.

Spotlight on Accounts

Accounts is one of the basics needed to build your models. They are containers for holding raw number, formulas, metrics, actuals and other data. At Adaptive Insights we support a bunch of them: general ledger, custom, metric, assumptions, modeled, and cubed.

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Knowledge Center

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Customer Journey Library

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