Adaptive Insights News Feb 19, 2019

The Adaptive Insights 2018.3 Release is now live!

We’re happy to announce the Adaptive Insights 2018.3 release is now live.

Please watch our brief training on Adaptive Insights 2018.3 which showcases the new features and outlines user benefits. This training also contains video demonstrations of key features. At the end of this program you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a live Q&A session with our product management team. The link to the training is available here.

Elastic Hypercube Technology

2018.3 Elastic Hypercube Technology enhancements include improved model performance and that help you manage more complex models. The cube sheet maximum size has increased, and the performance is faster. Model evaluation and caching is more intelligent, efficient, and granular. And numbers load from cache more quickly for faster mathematical calculations.

Please note that 2018.3 Elastic Hypercube Technology features will be enabled in phases through the rest of 2018 and early 2019.

Analytics (Discovery)

We've updated the Discovery interface with crisper, cleaner, and modern lines designed to focus your attention on what matters – visualizing your data. Additionally, we’ve made a few usability improvements that make selecting different time and data filters even easier. You can now track and share results by taking a snapshot of all dashboards and charts in a perspective. And create color themes to help you meet your corporate visual guidelines.


As part of our enhancements to Elastic Hypercube Technology, cube sheets are faster and more scalable. The maximum size has increased from 1 GB to 5 GB and you can have up to 10 dimensions on a cube without affecting performance.

There is improved search and filtering capabilities in modeled sheets to help you find what you’re looking for.


Rule-driven consolidation methods allow you to define exactly how and when levels consolidate in your model. Enter a range of ownership percentages for each type of consolidation which triggers the method you defined in a table. Minority interest automatically calculates based on your net income account and minority interest percentage.


It just got easier to update your model as your organizational structure changes. You can load the new or updated organizational levels in-bulk. You can also update the level properties at the same time.

You can now automate exports of modeled sheet data to third-party systems. Export the visible rows from a modeled sheet for one or more levels.

We have enhanced support for very large XML documents in custom cloud data sources (CCDS.)

You asked for it

Want to know which browsers or operating systems we support? We got it. Need general support information on Office 365? We got that too. Read our improved Technology Requirements article.

Spotlight on Accounts

Accounts is one of the basics needed to build your models. They are containers for holding raw number, formulas, metrics, actuals and other data. At Adaptive Insights we support a bunch of them: general ledger, custom, metric, assumptions, modeled, and cubed.

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Customer Journey Library

Every company has unique challenges and organizational priorities. And that means success looks different for every customer. We believe your Adaptive journey should reflect your unique priorities and vision of success. The Customer Journey Library can help you navigate the ins and outs of Adaptive Insights. Watch videos and read articles on best practice solutions to help you address the business planning issues you are facing today.

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Elastic Hypercube Technology

Elastic Hypercube Technology, our new patent pending innovation, supercharges our Business Planning Cloud platform with the power, scalability, and performance companies of all sizes need to model the complexities of their business and to report on and analyze results – without compromising ease of use. Elastic Hypercube Technology is being enabled across multiple releases this and next year.

To read more about Elastic Hypercube Technology, please click here.

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